Artisan techniques keep
tradition and opportunities


Natik provides financial and mentoring support for Mujeres Sembrando la Vida (MSV), a cooperative of sixty artisans in Chiapas, México who create garments and home decor using traditional Mayan weaving techniques and embroidery.

Natik helps the cooperative gain access to clients with online sale of products through Etsy, as well as facilitating their participation in textile and craft fairs in the United States.

Natik also supports MSV with funding for financial literacy efforts through an internal micro savings and loan program along with training in design, marketing, and business skills.

Additionally, Natik funds workshops on the building of economical, eco-friendly technologies, including low-smoke stoves, rainwater capturing systems and dry latrines.


The name Mujeres Sembrando la Vida— “Women Sowing Life,” describes the artisans collective vision of planting seeds and setting an example of economic, educational, and ecological opportunities in their community. The cooperative is certified by the Fair Trade Federation. Artisans can earn fair wages while working from home. The MSV artisans are steadfastly loyal to one another and to their community. The cooperative currently has enough work to actively engagesixty women. By 2020, the group would like to increase sales and be able to expand their reach to two hundred women in the highlands of Chiapas, México.  

The MSV Cooperative is certified by the Fair Trade Federation, artisans can earn fair wages for their creations.