Natik’s Alliances are our academic and civic organization collaborations in the U.S., México and Guatemala. We believe in long-term relationships built on trust and transparency with our Alliances, just as we do with our Partner grassroots organizations.  

In the United States, our alliances often includes planning and facilitating Critical Service-Learning (CSL) experiences for graduate, university, high school, and nonacademic groups inn Mexico and Guatemala. We also have alliances with civic and religious groups with a social justice focus.

In Mexico and Guatemala, our alliances include academic and civic organizations that are leaders in areas related to education, micro-economic opportunities, environment, agriculture health, and human rights issues. 

Natik’s commitment to education and economic impact and our strong alliances in Mexico and Guatemala make us an exceptional ally for institutions outside of Mexico and Guatemala. We believe that our contribution to the north-south dialog is by creating venues for genuine information exchange between people who would normally not have the opportunity to be in direct contact with one another. 


All aspects of our CSL experiences are carefully planned in collaboration with our Alliance and Partner organizations. We create spaces for sharing issues that are important to all of us, such as the regional causes of poverty, environmental degradation, and migration. 

It is only when we truly understand that we are more alike than we are different that we can attempt to understand the global and regional causes of educational, economic, environmental, social, and political imbalances that create the divisive illusion of “us and them”.

We encourage our U.S. Alliance partners to share what they’ve learned during their immersion experience when they return home. In the past, that has included webinars, seminars, articles in school newspapers and professional journals, interviews on local media, and/or fundraising on behalf of a partner program. 

Our goal is for each CSL experience to be a fair and balanced exchange between the academic, service, and expertise of the participants, and the needs of our partners and alliances in Mexico and Guatemala. 

Natik is a development organization that runs individually-crafted CSL experiences. We are not an international student travel agency. We are fully transparent with all our academic alliances that income from our CSL experiences provide discretionary income that helps Natik offset the year-round administrative costs of working with groups that cannot pay for the services our staff and infrastructure provide.  

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