It’s All in The Details.

As part of our theory of change, we feel it is important to facilitate exchanges between our partner organizations and those coming from more industrialized economies. Natik believes that one way to counter the modern trend of polarized public debate is to create spaces for personal sharing that establishes our common humanity first and foremost. 

Since 2010, Natik has facilitated Service Learning Immersion programs for groups of educators and students at the high school, university, and graduate levels, as well as for groups of individuals who want to learn while traveling. 

We ask our academic alliances to commit to a long-term institutional relationship with Natik and our partners through annual visits.  Our goal is that each immersion be a fair and balanced exchange between the academic and service expectations of each school, and the areas of expertise our visitors bring, and needs of the people, organizations, and communities that we partner with in México and Guatemala.

We create spaces for sharing of personal and professional experience related to issues that are important to all of us, especially the regional causes of poverty, environmental degradation, and migration. The immersions also offer insight into some of the innovative ways that grassroots organizations are addressing those issues locally, through education, economic empowerment, community health initiatives, and encouragement of eco-friendly technology, among others. The service component of the immersions are carefully planned with our partner organizations.