Scholars Working to Become Leaders

Ruk’ux Scholars are encouraged to think of themselves as well-rounded citizens who are ‘agents of change’ within their families and communities.

Natik supports the Ruk’ux Scholarship Program in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala with funding and administrative mentoring.  

The scholarship program offers study stipends to ten academically motivated junior and senior high school students each year. The program fosters leadership development through programs, tutoring, life skills, and community service. 

Since 2015, the students have been developing their entrepreneurial competencies through the Ruk’ux Language and Cultural Immersion enterprise. The students coordinate local home stays, volunteer work in local organizations, cultural activities, and formal language study of Spanish and/or Maya Tz’utujil for international students.

The variety of activities that compliment their academic studies are intended to prepare them for the challenges of earning a living in a depressed and intrinsically unfair economy.


Since 2007, the Ruk’ux Scholarship Program has integrated hard-learned lessons and transformed into a training program that carefully screens the scholarship applicants for superior academic achievement and leadership qualities.

Through participation in this program, the students are exposed to a wide variety of extracurricular experiences, motivating them to explore ventures that can subsidize university studies and support their families later on.

Natik encourages the development of entrepreneurial skills. The program gives the scholars the opportunity to create something new and to experience that an idea, (along with creativity and will power) can translate into a source of income. For students who come from homes where the primary sources of income are subsistence manual and agricultural labor, the lessons learned through the Ruk’ux Scholarship Program are invaluable.